Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Myth of Overpopulation

We are living in a culture of death.  Elements of our society have sanitized the practice of abortion in the acid wash of the ruling gang to become the exercise of “reproductive rights.”  Euthanasia is working its will into state legislatures to become allowable, acceptable or (at the very least) not prohibited in the states of Oregon, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming.

Earlier in history, entire populations of minority groups were corralled into internment camps, starved to death and left to the elements. (I am not talking about Nazi Germany because those atrocities came later.)

The  crops of the poor Irish farmers were pillaged and sold to affluent groups in England, leaving the Irish poor to farm a one-crop sustenance of potatoes. When the crop was done in by the weather, no aid was given by other countries and the people died. This form of mass starvation was sanctimoniously regarded by Mother Country (England) as a “direct stroke of all-wise and all-merciful Providence. . . as God’s way of redressing an imbalance between population and resources.” (Charles Trevelyan, circa 1846)

All of the overpopulation rhetoric stems from the ideas and quasi-scientific calculations  of an Anglican priest, Thomas Malthus, in (you are not going to believe this) 1798 on population. 

Here is what Malthus, man of god, said about the poor farmers in Ireland:

“The land in Ireland is infinitely more peopled than England; and to give full effect to the natural resources of the country, a great part of the population should be swept from the soil.”

But Malthus was wrong. English greed, prejudice, denial and oppression is what killed the poor Irish farmers because both countries produced enough food to sustain their own populations. But by adapting Malthus’s nonscientific speculation, over one million Irish were starved to death.

Our man Malthus has provided the under-girding of his definition of “population control” that has affected people all over the globe since he first began propagating his unscientific mishmash of bad math and atrocious science. (If you don't believe me, look at the one-child policy in China, which was spawned by Malthusian population nonsense.)

We are NOT living in a society that is going to implode from too many people – ever.  According to the United Nation’s Population Database the world’s population, in 2010, would be 6,908,688,000. However the landmass of the State of Texas is 268,820 square miles or 7,494,271,488,000 square feet.

When you divide 7,494,271,488,000 square feet by 6,908,688,000 people, you come up with 1084.76 square feet per person or a plot of land of  approximately 33 feet by 33 feet per person on Planet Earth. This is enough space for a townhouse.

If you had a four-person family, every family would have a 66' x 66' plot of land, which would comfortably provide a single family home and yard  for everyone. And all of it would fit on a landmass the size of Texas. Of course, it would basically be one massive subdivision, but Texas is a tiny portion of the inhabitable Earth. This arrangement would leave the rest of the world utterly uninhabited.

Watch this video and tell me what you think:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Payday Loans -- Loans of Last Resort

Payday loans are loans of last resort and should not be used with any regularity. Their interest rates are exorbitantly high (borderlining on usury), and once a person begins getting payday loans, it can become almost addicting. Many people who start out getting payday loans do so with good intentions, only to end up hopelessly trapped in an endless cycle of never-ending debt and loan fees.
How It Works:

A payday loan can be taken out online or in person.
In Person:
If a person gets an in-person payday loan, he or she fills out an application and provides two recent pay stubs. After the loan is approved, the borrower writes a check for the loan amount, plus a borrowing fee, to the lender. The lender holds onto the check until the borrowers next payday and then deposits it. 
Sometimes the borrower does not have enough money in the bank for the check to clear. So he pays the loan fee and extends the loan for two more weeks. This is how the endless debt cycle begins.
To get an online payday loan, a borrower doesn't even have to leave home. He or she fills out the application of a payday loan broker and returns it. The loan broker reviews the loan application and submits it to the lender who best fits the borrower's needs. Once the lender approves the application, the borrower gives the lender the pertinent bank information. The lender deposits the money electronically into the borrower's checking account.
When the loan becomes due and payable, the lender then withdraws the loan proceeds, plus the loan fees, from the borrower's account. If the borrower wishes to extend the loan for another two weeks, he or she notifies the lender and pays the loan fees only. The loan is then is rolled over for two more weeks when the loan proceeds, plus new loan fees, will be automatically withdrawn from the borrower's checking account. 

Interest Rates:
Most loan fees on payday loans are between $15 and $20 for every $100 borrowed. If a borrower's loan fee is $17.50 per $100, the interest rate (are you sitting down?) on that payday loan would be 456 percent. This is the main reason that payday loans should be used only in an emergency.
How to Qualify:
Payday loans are easy to qualify for. A potential borrower must be a U.S. citizen and be over the age of 18. A borrower must make at least $1,000 gross income monthly and have been on the job for at least six months. (Some payday lenders will waive the six-month work requirement.) People who are living on a fixed income such as Social Security Benefits or Workers' Compensation Temporary Disability Benefits can also get a payday loan as long as they make at least $800 a month and meet the other payday loan requirements. Last, the borrower must have an active checking account. 

States Vary:
Many states have been cracking down on payday lenders because of their high interest rates. Below is a state-by-state summary of payday loan laws, borrowing amounts, fees and finance charges:
Loans of Last Resort:
For people who are going through hard times, like a foreclosure or a bankruptcy, payday loans are a godsend because no credit check is ever run. If a person with bad credit needs new brakes or a new hot water heater, a payday loan can serve a good, one-time function.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Did You Know?

Robert Zubrin
I am at the end of Robert Zubrin's new book, Merchants of Despair. Following is an excerpt of a portion of the book's preface:

"There was a time when humanity looked in the mirror and saw something precious, worth protecting and fighting for, indeed, worth liberating. Starting with the Biblical idea of the human spirit as the image of God, taken forward by Renaissance humanists defending the dignity of man, our greatest thinkers developed a concept of civilization dedicated to human betterment and "unalienable rights" among which are "Life, Liberty, and the  pursuit of Happiness," proudly asserting that "to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men."

But now, we are beset on all sides by propaganda promoting a radically different viewpoint. According to this idea, humans are a cancer upon the Earth, a horde of vermin whose unconstrained aspirations and appetites are endangering the natural order. This is the core idea of antihumanism. Its acceptance can only have the most pernicious consequences."

If everything Robert Zubrin has written is true (and I suspect it is), we have been slowly conditioned to accept (without question) the antihumanism message that goes as far back as the Irish potato famine and subsequent immigration of the poor Irish farmers to the United States. (Whole societies of people take drastic action when they are in danger of becoming extinct!)

The antihumanism idea, or Eugenics as it is referred to today, has infiltrated the entire globe and all groups of people. It systematically devalues and often kills the minimized, the unborn, and other diminished and helpless groups of people -- and it does so en masse.

Everyone should read this book. It will open the blinded eyes of society's affluent citizens and expose the movement behind the extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany, the forced sterilization of devalued women in third-world countries and even on our own soil, the murder of unborn babies in the name of convenience and "reproductive rights," and countless other abominations.

The Eugenics Movement in America
was responsible for forcibly sterilizing
countless numbers of Indian women.

I first heard this book discussed on a Catholic radio station and was so intrieged by its claims that I quickly ordered it online. Each of author, Zubrin's statements is backed up by footnotes, chapter notes and meticulous documentation. For you sceptics, I challenge you to prove the author wrong.

What I want to know is why are we not hearing about Eugenics in the news, and why has it been allowed to proliferate? Maybe you can figure out why.

More to come . . .